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Romulus Augustulus (Tatulus) n. 461

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Clan Tatuli
Sexe masculin
Identité complète Romulus Augustulus
Autres éléments d'identification Tatulus
Autres prénoms Flavius Momyllus Romulus Augustus

Flavius Orestes Tatulus [Tatuli] d. 28 août 476

Varvara Agia (Romari) [Romulus]

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461 naissance:

naissance enfant: Barbara Tatuli (Augusta) [Tatuli]

naissance enfant: Romulus (Romaich) Tatilus [Tatuli]

entre 31 octobre 475 et 4 septembre 476 titre ou distinction: Emperor of Rome


Source nécessaire
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Toute information non documentée peut être contestée et supprimée.

It is confirmed by several sources and histories that after Romulus Augustus was banished, Odacer granted him an annual pension of six thousand solidi (a senator's annual income), and he retired to Campania, Italy, where he took up residence in the Lucullan Villa, an ancient castle and estate. It is unknown what happened to him afterwards, or the date of his death.

Welsh histories name Augustulus as a brother of Lotharius of Lothian and a foster son to Urien. It is suggested that Romulus was perhaps removed from Rome to the British Isles to be with people who were sympathetic to his cause. And that this Augustulus was perhaps the young emperor. It would have put his presence in England at the time of the Legendary Arthur.

If this is true it would appear that the legends Modron the daughter Apfallon (the Washerwoman of Llanfair) would have actually been an allegorical rendering of the historical tale of the fostering of young Augustulus.

des grands-parents aux petits-enfants

Flavius Tatulus Pannonius
naissance: Petavium
Flavius Romulus ? (Romulus)
autre événement: dux Norici
Flavius Orestes Tatulus
naissance: Pannonia Savia
décès: 28 août 476
Varvara Agia (Romari)
naissance: Attica (Greece)
== 3 ==
Morfydd Verch Urien
naissance: Llanfaire, Barking Ford, Denbighshire, Wales
Romulus Augustulus (Tatulus)
naissance: 461
titre ou distinction: entre 31 octobre 475 et 4 septembre 476, Emperor of Rome
== 3 ==
Pascent ap Vortigern
mariage: Barbara Tatuli (Augusta)
autre événement: Riogatus in Britu

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