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Tatulus Riocatus

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Clan House of Gwrtheyrnion
Sexe masculin
Identité complète Tatulus Riocatus
Autres prénoms Braciat

Pascent ap Vortigern [House of Gwrtheyrnion]

Barbara Tatuli (Augusta) [Tatuli]


naissance enfant: Vortigorius Tatulus (Votiporius) [House of Gwrtheyrnion]


Tatilus Riacatus is mentioned in the Genealogy of Vortigern Fernmail, who was reigning in Builth and Gwrtheyrnion c. 830.

This is the genealogy of Vortigern, which goes back to Fernvail[69], who reigned in the kingdom of Guorthegirnaim[70], and was the son of Teudor; Teudor was the son of Pascent; Pascent of Guoidcant; Guoidcant of Moriud; Moriud of Eltat; Eltat of Eldoc; Eldoc of Paul; Paul of Meuprit; Meuprit of Braciat; Braciat of Pascent; Pascent of Guorthegirn (Vortigern); Guorthegirn of Guortheneu; Guortheneu of Guitaul; Guitaul of Guitolion; Guitolion of Gloui.[71] Bonus, Paul, Mauron, Guotelin, were four brothers, who built Gloiuda, a great city upon the banks of the river Severn, and in British is called Cair Gloui, in Saxon, Gloucester.

"Riocatus was almost certainly the son of Pascent and a grandson of Vortigern. His connection with Faustus would fit their age-difference; Faustus belonged to one generation earlier than Riocatus. Faustus was abbot at Lérins c. 433 and bishop at Riez in 475. The pedigrees (above) would confirm this. For us the fact of importance is that the evidence suggests that Riocatus and Faustus were relatives and contemporaries, with Riocatus the younger relative. This would supply an excellent reason for the visit of Riocatus to Faustus, for he was probably his nephew. Any criticism that Riocatus was king after Pascent and thus hardly a monk carrying books may be silenced by the possiblity that he was originaly trained as a cleric. The same happened to both Constans, son of the usurper Constantine III and also to Maelgwn Gwynedd, who both returned 'into the world' after having been clerics. We don't know if Riocatus was the eldest son, only that at some point he succeeded his father Pascent."

[| Riocatus]

des grands-parents aux petits-enfants

Caius Marcia Actia ? (Caius)
mariage: Vortigern Infaustus
nombre de mariages: 1st to Constans II (the Monk) 2nd to Vitalinus senechal and Vortiger(Vor=the one who looks after, tiger=the kings affairs)ie. Constans II
Owain map Urien ? (Hen)
naissance: Llanfaire, Barking Ford, Denbighshire, Wales
décès: 590
inhumation: Llan-Forfael or Llan-Heledd
Sidonius ap Urien Orkades (Sidonius Arcadius)
naissance: Llanfaire, Barking Ford, Denbighshire, Wales
Morfydd Verch Urien
naissance: Llanfaire, Barking Ford, Denbighshire, Wales
Romulus Augustulus (Tatulus)
naissance: 461
titre ou distinction: entre 31 octobre 475 et 4 septembre 476, Emperor of Rome
Уортимер Faustus
naissance: vers 400
Catigern ap Vortigern
naissance: 455, Battle of Aylesford
Scotnoe Rigoghene
naissance: 426
mariage: (Saint) Xuthus II ? (Sandde, Father of St David (Dewi), Sandarth)
titre ou distinction: Rigahenna (the Revived Tribal Title for the Cymri National Tradition)
décès: 462
Pascent ap Vortigern
mariage: Barbara Tatuli (Augusta)
autre événement: Riogatus in Britu
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