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Arnulf Montgomery

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Clan Montgomery
Sexe masculin
Identité complète Arnulf Montgomery

Roger ? (Seigneur of Montgomery) [Montgomery]

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Arnulf reached his height, with his lordship including much of the former Welsh kingdom of Deheubarth and lands in Yorkshire. A short time later, he joined his elder brother's rebellion against the king of England, and married (Lafracoth/Aurifa) a daughter of the king of Munster in an effort to gain military support against his English sovereign.

n an effort to gain military support against Henry I, Arnulf de Montgomery sent his steward, Gerald of Windsor, to Ireland to negotiate terms with Muirchertach. According to a Welsh chronicle (Sean Duffy, p. 45, 1997), Arnulf "though to make peace with the Irish and to obtain help from them. And he sent messengers to Ireland, that is Gerald the Steward (Gerald of Winsor) and many others, to ask for the daughter of King Murtart for his wife. And that he easily obtained; and the messengers came joyfully to their land. And Murtart sent his daughter and many armed ships along with her to his aid. And when the earls had exalted themselves with pride because of those events, they refused to accept any peace from the king."

De Montgomery and his brother Robert, were however defeated by Henry and fled to Ireland. The Montgomery brothers fought under Muirchertach during his campaign with Magnus Barelegs, but when de Montgomery attempted to seize the kingship for himself, Muirchertach (Maurice McRaith) "took his daughter away from Arnulf and gave the wanton girl in an unlawful marriage to one of his cousins. He resolved to kill Arnulf himself as a reward for his alliance, but the latter ... fled to his own people and lived for twenty years afterwards with no fixed abode." (Sean Duffy, 1997, p. 46).

Notes et références

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des grands-parents aux petits-enfants

Roger Montgomery
naissance: 975 estimé
décès: avant 1048
Sibel Crepon
décès: 1046
Roger ? (Seigneur of Montgomery)
titre ou distinction: vicomte of the Hiémois
mariage: Josceline
== 3 ==
Roger de Montgomery
naissance: 1010 estimé, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England
décès: 1094
inhumation: Shrewsbury, in abbey
== 3 ==

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