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[modifier] Version originale

User can freely create own tree or tree of another person except this statements.

  1. General
    1. User must provide unique records, thus he must check if any exit.
    2. Clan field must filled in genderless formate and based on surname.
    3. Place field must be without type of city or village and with full dependence and only from place to country, separated by comas.
    4. Language must be equal to current localization, except EN, where we have all others languages. Such record will be moved or deleted.
    5. single records from registered users will be deleted during week, from IP-users during 1 day
  2. Restrictions
    1. Hate speech
    2. advertisement and other commercial info without permission.
    3. spam, trash-records will be deleted and user or IP blocks from 6 month to infinite.
    4. If user deleted information in records of other users he asked about this action or banned
    5. If user ingnores notofication from administration he would be banned for term 1 and more days.
  3. Copyright, copyleft and right to publishing personal info - based on your legislation. General - presumption hat all photos and information published by user have agreement from his living relatives.
  4. User obligations.
    1. User obliged to be kind:) He need to read rules and recommendaions.
    2. User can create modify and delete records about his tree or himself in others tree or tree of some other person.
    3. Images may have unique name, better base on name-surname-date... And no images of flowers, animals jokes...
    4. user can freely talk and discuss anything with other
    5. user can't delete record of other users if only this record about him or his relatives (son, daughter..)
    6. trolling, dolling etc restricted. User bans and all his datacan be deleted.
  5. Help and helpers
    1. discussion of site work must be in one place - ex. Talk:main_page
    2. if smbody found design|translation mistake|bug - goto mistakes page. If smth wrong with engine - goto bugzilla.
    3. Helpers mus be marked and they need to notify admins about that.
  6. Admins
    1. can do all, but need to be polite and think about community interst
    2. admin can modify, create, delete, move any records
    3. admin can block user or ban it
  7. conflicts
    1. If any conflict present all part need to provide their position, than admin discuss it between themselves and provides a decision.
    2. If user goind to be ban more 1 year this must be discussed here. Except spammers:) Ban them while you found.

[modifier] Surtout ne pas mélanger "trad" de travail et ... commentaires

Christophe ! La discu c'est ici, sur cette page spécifique ! Il faut travailler à partir d'une trad aboutie et sûre ! Sinon, comment pourrait-on se mettre d'accord entre nous ... francophones (d'abord) et avec les autres contributeurs des modules non-francophones (ensuite) ? Amicalement - Marc - --Markus3 26 janvier 2010 à 20:27 (EET)

Et puis Igor avait muni son blabla de numéros permettant de bien se repérer ... justement pour argumenter avec précision. Je pense que ce serait bon de les laisser, du moins dans la phase de réflexion commune. - Amicalement - Marc - --Markus3 26 janvier 2010 à 20:39 (EET)
Ah ... j'oubliais aussi : les délais pour les différentes suppressions sont vraiment bien trop brefs ! Et il faut prévenir les "fautifs-inattentifs-ou-pressés" avant de flinguer ! Marc - --Markus3 26 janvier 2010 à 20:42 (EET)

[modifier] VERSION ORIGINALE Re: access might be developed in future and will be sold by paid subscription

If this means that in future only access can be gained to Rodovid by users with a paid subscription, then possibly 90% of the Dutch administrators and users will remove their contributions and discontinue using Rodovid! --Fred Bergman 21:36, 12 September 2010 (EEST)

[modifier] Point important oublié

Où convient-il le mieux (dans quel ordre entre tous ces numéros ?) de préciser que tout message d'un quelconque contributeur ne doit être ni supprimé, ni altéré/modifié par un autre contributeur, fût-il un ... administrateur ? Les exemples ont été (trop) nombreux (et trop systématiques) depuis quelque temps ... dernier exemple - Marc ROUSSEL - --Markus3 9 novembre 2010 à 06:17 (EET)

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