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William Bonville Iii n. 30 août 1393 d. 18 février 1459

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Clan Bonville
Sexe masculin
Identité complète William Bonville Iii
Autres prénoms 1st Lord //

John Bonville I [Bonville] n. 1366 d. 21 octobre 1396

Elizabeth Fitzroger [Fitzroger] n. 1371 d. 10 avril 1414

Références GEDCOM::3258799.ged::INDI @I28256@::Hailey C. Shannon


30 août 1393 naissance: Chute, Devonshire, England

naissance enfant: Margaret Bonville [Bonville]

naissance enfant: William Bonville [Bonville]

titre ou distinction: Sir

1418 mariage: Chewton, Somersetshire, England, Margaret Grey [Grey] n. 1397 d. après 15 mai 1426

9 octobre 1427 mariage: Elizabeth Courtenay [Courtenay] n. vers 1400 d. 28 octobre 1471

1435 naissance enfant: Chewton, Somersetshire, England, John Bonville Ii [Bonville] n. 1435 d. 1491

18 février 1459 décès: /60


Sir William Bonville, 1st Lord Bonville was born on 30 August 1393 in Chute, Devon, England.1 He was the son of John Bonville and Elizabeth FitzRoger.1 He married, firstly, Margaret Grey, daughter of Reynold Grey, 3rd Lord Grey of Ruthin and Margaret Roos, before June 1414.1,2 He married, secondly, Elizabeth Courtenay, daughter of Edward de Courtenay, 3rd Earl of Devon and Maud Camoys, circa 9 October 1427.1 He died on 18 February 1460/61 at age 67, executed.1 He died intestate and his estate was administered on 17 July 1461 in Lambeth, London, England.3 On 15 April 1414 he succeeded his mother.1 He was invested as a Knight before 1417.1 He held the office of Sheriff of Devon in 1423.1 He held the office of Seneshal of Acquitaine from 7 January 1442/43 to January 1443/44.1 He was created 1st Lord Bonville [England by writ] on 10 March 1448/49.1 He lived in Chewton, Somerset, England.1 He was invested as a Knight, Order of the Garter (K.G.) on 8 February 1460/61.1 He fought in the Second Battle of St. Albans on 17 February 1460/61, on the side of the Yorks, and was captured.1

Family 1 Elizabeth Courtenay d. 28 October 1471 Child

1. John Bonville+ d. 14914

Family 2 Margaret Grey d. after May 1426 Children

1. William Bonville+ d. 31 Dec 14603 2. Elizabeth Bonville+ b. b 1426, d. 14 Feb 1490/915

Family 3 Child

1. Margaret Bonville+ b. b 1461

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des grands-parents aux petits-enfants

John Bonville I
naissance: 1366, Shute, Devonshire, England
mariage: Elizabeth Fitzroger
décès: 21 octobre 1396
Elizabeth Fitzroger
naissance: 1371, Chewton, Somersetshire, England
mariage: John Bonville I
décès: 10 avril 1414
== 2 ==
Isabell Bonville
naissance: 1395, Shute, Devonshire, England
Elizabeth Courtenay
naissance: vers 1400
mariage: John Harington
mariage: William Bonville Iii
décès: 28 octobre 1471
Margaret Grey
naissance: 1397, Chewton, Somersetshire, England
mariage: William Bonville Iii , Chewton, Somersetshire, England
décès: après 15 mai 1426
William Bonville Iii
naissance: 30 août 1393, Chute, Devonshire, England
titre ou distinction: Sir
mariage: Margaret Grey , Chewton, Somersetshire, England
mariage: Elizabeth Courtenay
décès: 18 février 1459, /60
== 2 ==
Alice Dennys
naissance: 1442, Combrawleigh, Devonshire, England
mariage: John Bonville Ii
décès: après 1500
John Bonville Ii
naissance: 1435, Chewton, Somersetshire, England
mariage: Alice Dennys
décès: 1491
John Bonville
naissance: 1470
Cicely Bonville
naissance: vers 1488, Chewton, Somersetshire, England
mariage: Morris Moore
William Bonville (6th Baron Harington)
naissance: 1442, Chewton Mendip, Somerset (England)
mariage: Katherine Neville (of Salisbury)
décès: 30 décembre 1460

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