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Vortigorius Tatulus (Votiporius)

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Clan House of Gwrtheyrnion
Sexe masculin
Identité complète Vortigorius Tatulus
Autres éléments d'identification Votiporius

Tatulus Riocatus [House of Gwrtheyrnion]


A memorial stone was discovered in 1895 near the church of Castell Dwyran in Carmarthenshire, bearing a Christian cross and with inscriptions in both Latin letters and ogham. Dedicated to 'Voteporigis'. Its Latin inscription reads Memoria Voteporigis Protictoris (English: Monument of Voteporigas the Protector). The ogham inscription carries only the Goidelic form of his name: Votecorigas. Protictoris in the Latin inscription implies an honorific bestowed upon his ancestors by the Romans, retained as a hereditary title into the 6th century. The ogham inscription in Goidelic shows that the Irish language was still in use at that time, and had not yet died out in South Wales

des grands-parents aux petits-enfants

Уортимер Faustus
naissance: vers 400
Catigern ap Vortigern
naissance: 455, Battle of Aylesford
Scotnoe Rigoghene
naissance: 426
mariage: (Saint) Xuthus II ? (Sandde, Father of St David (Dewi), Sandarth)
titre ou distinction: Rigahenna (the Revived Tribal Title for the Cymri National Tradition)
décès: 462
Pascent ap Vortigern
mariage: Barbara Tatuli (Augusta)
autre événement: Riogatus in Britu
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