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Josephus Phaetus Gallus n. après 274

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Clan Gallus
Sexe masculin
Identité complète Josephus Phaetus Gallus
Autres prénoms Forseti, Iosephi, Praeses

Anna Nepos [Niebelung]

Lucius Julius Aurelius Septimius Vaballathus Athenodorus ? (Balder Odinsson) [Gallus] n. 260

Wiki-page wikipedia:Forseti


après 274 naissance:

domicile: Atlantic Islands



Source nécessaire
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According to legend, twelve old ones once wandered the known world gathering local laws. They wanted to get the best laws from all the tribes and compile them into one set of laws applicable to all of them, thus uniting them in peace.

It is said that after gathering laws from all the regions, they embarked on a sea voyage to a remote place where they could safely discuss the process of compilation. However, a vicious storm arose and while at the mercy of sea they invoked the name of Forseti to save them from peril. They noticed that a 13th person appeared in the boat and safely led it to a deserted island. There, the person (presumably Forseti himself) split the earth and a spring was formed. Having consecrated the place he dictated the unified code of laws that merged all the best regulations of various local laws and suddenly vanished.

des grands-parents aux petits-enfants

Lucius Septimius Odaenathus Odaenathus
naissance: vers 205, Palmyra, Syria
mariage: Septimia Bathzabbai Zénobie ? (Zenobia)
autre événement: avant 267, Italy, Battle of the Piedmont
Septimia Bathzabbai Zénobie ? (Zenobia)
mariage: Lucius Septimius Odaenathus Odaenathus
autre événement: Queen of Palmyra
décès: après 274
Anna Nepos
naissance: Balearic Islands
Herod (Hairan) Septimius Palmyra (Sigi Odinsson)
naissance: vers 230
décès: 267, Assasination
Herod Septimius Palmyra (Hodr, Hermod, Hairan)
naissance: vers 230, Palmyra
autre événement: co-king of Palmyra, Palmyra
décès: 267, Palmyra, assassination
Lucius Julius Aurelius Septimius Vaballathus Athenodorus ? (Balder Odinsson)
naissance: 260
domicile: Bellus, Vall d'Albaida, Valencia, Spain
titre ou distinction: 273, King of Palmyra
autre événement: 274, Exile
== 3 ==
Gallia Zenobia
naissance: vers 280
Josephus Phaetus Gallus
naissance: après 274
domicile: Atlantic Islands
== 3 ==

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